Light Mood. This is when you want your images to have that light and airy look.

RICH Mood. This is when you want gorgeous deep tones.

Colorful Mood. Sometimes we just want a color pop!

Whimsical Mood. When you want to play with split tones…and colors that are completely artistic. I use this collection with a of my night images.

POC Mood. Let’s face it. Many presets/ACR actions aren’t designed for people of color. So I took everything I mentioned above, but created it for people of color.

Person of Color:

The Person of Color (POC) Lightroom preset collection includes 16 presets that are perfect for individuals with darker skin. POC come in many different shades, from lighter, to darker skin. They also have different “undertones from yellow, to red. These presets have been specifically created with many different skin tones, and are perfect to help you create the perfect look for your work!

AW Lightroom: 

Over 100 Presets

Clean Collection

Black and White Collection

Person of Color Collection

Light and Airy Collection

Style Collection

Editorial Collection

Plus a collection for those who shoot in the blue hour… and more!!