AW MOOD Collection



I am SO excited to present my latest one click Lightroom preset/ACR collection. Photographers have often told me how they have noticed how I am able to change my style but my images still look like my own.

I am very transparent, and I now know that it is all about my mood. I want and desire so many different things, and I allow myself the freedom to explore. It is very liberating! When you’re using my Adobe Lightroom Preset, and ACR actions, you have a HUGE palette at your arsenal that can encompass your moods when you’re editing.

In this collection, you have…

  • Light Mood. This is when you want your images to have that light and airy look.
  • RICH mood. This is when you want gorgeous deep tones.
  • Colorful mood. Sometimes we just want a color pop!
  • Whimsical mood. When you want to play with split tones…and colors that are completely artistic. I use this collection with a of my night images.
  • POC mood. Let’s face it. Many presets/ACR actions aren’t designed for people of color. So I took everything I mentioned above, but created it for people of color.