Brand Your Light




(This course will be made available in the V.P. Box 2.0 according to your dashboard schedule)

Brand your light is a tutorial that was inspired by my presentation of the same name that was sponsored by Profoto. Over the course of the last year, it has been told to me that many have been intrigued by my ability to use artificial light and making it look completely natural. In addition to achieving a natural light look, I can also stay within my brand when using artificial lighting when the light falls, or during indoor low light situations.

As a photographer who prefers natural light, I do not like to carry around equipment, and I also do not work with an assistant out of sheer preference. I have heard these are also negatives that other photographers feel along with some thinking it is just too difficult.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through how I use artificial light with natural light to achieve perfectly soft light and shadows using nothing more than your camera and one speed light. We will also look at the ways to use artificial light creatively by shaping with light, creating gorgeous sun flares, rim light, and starbursts when the sun isn’t around. Lastly, I will show you how to create editorial fashion light with only one speed light. We are going to forgo the cumbersome light stands, and soft boxes. I will show you how to light on the fly so you can be organic and freely move with your clients, especially if you photograph little ones!

We will be finding the light, and I will show you how ADDING artificial light to the scene will

This class will cover ALL light from day to the blue hour.

Who is this class geared towards?

Beginner to intermediate. If you are a photographer who is ready to head to the next level without drifting too far away from what you love, then you must purchase this tutorial. If you are extremely comfortable with using flash then this class is not for you.

If you are advanced, but in a rut and you’re interested in how I creatively use just one light, then this is the class for you as you will definitely pick up new out of the box ideas.