Paint In Your Light



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Video Duration | 1hr 30m

( Image shown is PETA approved! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

This video is a 3 image edit! The video will be available for viewing IMMEDIATELY after purchase, and it will have LIFETIME access.

Learning light can bring any vision to life. Learning how to alter, and create light within post can open up a world of opportunities when one doesnโ€™t have time, equipment, or desire to alter what light is naturally presented to us.

I created this edit to bring to life a world of different looks without the equipment. Learning what light can do can open up the possibilities for new looks within your body of work.

Learn my technique for CREATING the light I want during post processing to create entirely different looking images every time. It will leave all viewers guessing what the actual light source was when the image was captured. The result is a solid image that pops without appearing over edited.

I will also go over the conditions that I needed to create the proper file to work with, and I believe this is important to note.

The images used in the tutorial were all captured with only ambient lighting and a camera. No artificial lighting or reflectors were used.

This video is jam-packed with information that you can use within your own work.

Editing programs used – Adobe Camera RAW, Photoshop CC (Photoshop Elements is sufficient)

– You do not need to be an advanced user of Photoshop to follow along with these tutorials.