Lightroom Preset Collection


A Clean collection
Black and White collection…
A person of color collection..
Light and airy collection
A style collection..
An editorial collection..
..even a collection for those who are shooting in the blue hour….and so much more!!


I am so very happy to release my very own AW Teaches Lightroom Preset collection!

This collection is over 100 One Click presets that I have created and worked on perfecting for MONTHS. It wasn’t until I was completely happy and knew they represented me and the work I deliver to my clients authentically that I was ready to release them.

Upon purchase, you will see them organized by sets. I have a Faded set, a people of color set, my signature “One Stop” set, a Style set, a City Light set, a Black and White set, the AW Skies set…and of course…the “Revival”set! 🙂

Im certain you all will be very happy as I put a lot of work into these. Please use the AW Teaches board to reach out to me for any help in perfecting any thing you are attempting to create with my presets.

My goal for each and every person is to have an extremely fast workflow which is why I made these all one click presets. They are not designed to be stacked.

Upon purchase of this collection, you will also be given a 55 min tutorial where I show you how I use these one click presets based on light. The video is available for viewing immediately, and the presets are available for download immediately.

My lightroom presets are compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC as well as versions 4, 5 & 6 )

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final.