Recognizing The Light



:::This course will be included in VP Box 2.0:::  

This course is all about light! Using ONLY your camera…no flash or reflectors. This will be the blueprint to how I see, and find light. This course has been requested for quite some time, so it has been a year in the making!

After you watch this course, you will have a complete understanding regarding how to see light and how it illuminate on your subject(s). You will feel more confident when choosing your locations because you will already know the outcome. You will NOT have to rely on open shade any longer!

This course will be the key to remove yourself from flat light that is often associated with natural light photography.

I always tell photographers to envision the shot before you take it, and here I will show you how.  This course is not about any particular genre ( i.e. tweens/seniors/families ). The tools shared can be used in all aspects of portraits of people and pets.

In this course, we will have video footage of me photographing subjects during the day, and when night falls. I will definitely be utilizing dramatic lighting by showcasing great highlights and shadows that are part of my signature style.

I will go over…

– Why I am choosing a particular spot and why. I will go over what the light looks like, and how it     will appear in my final image.

– I will go over any issues I may face by choosing this area.

– I will go over why certain areas may NOT work and why.

– Good light vs. bad light

– Along with seeing the light I am photographing in, you will know my settings and why I chose them. This is HUGE. Often photographers ask for settings. I feel settings are useless unless you see the light they are photographing in, and what the photographer is thinking.

– I will show the finished images captured from the video footage, and will show you the editing associated with them. I will show images that were perfect out of the camera…but I changed them to make them sing.

This course will be the key to remove yourself from flat light that is often associated with natural light photography and the natural light that is easily captured by those who are not professional.

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