One Image Two Ways



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Learn how to see one image TWO different ways! In this video, I will edit two DIFFERENT images, and edit each one in a completely different style. This video is a great way to open your eyes to possibilities within the creative editing process. As creatives, we are often overwhelmed with “where to begin” to create an impact with our editing without creating an image that appears to be overprocessed. In the “One Image Two Ways”, I will show you the possibilities that are available to you by editing the images in two completely different ways.

If this concept is something that is of interest to you, please look at the “One Image Two Ways” yearly subscription! For 12 calendar months, I will send you a NEW video where I will edit two different images in two different ways. ( so that is a total of 4 different edits)

Take a look at the description for the extra details regarding that package!


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