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This video was inspired by a series of posts that I would share every so often on the Audrey Woulard Teaches board on Facebook. This is where I would start with a completely technically “off” image, and “revive” it to an acceptable image. Just to give you all a backstory on how this began, during a photo session, I would check my settings if I am moving in between two drastically different lighting situations. The first image is always a “test image”, however there are times when my subject has a lovely expression. So I have started to play with them strictly to post in my group.

When I posted this “revival” in the group, the response from just about everyone was that they really wanted to see the edit. I was surprised, but I realized there was a lighting lesson to be taught here as well, so this tutorial was born!

In this tutorial, watch how I bring back the sky and edit my subject that was captured on a sunny day at the beach VERY easily.

I will edit the image in Photoshop from start to finish, but I will also bring the image in Lightroom to show you the simple steps that I used in Photoshop to create the core steps that give this image a “well lit” look.

Run Time – 30 min

Software used – Photoshop CC & Lightroom CC

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