The Balancing Act




There is a reason that photographers are noticing a surge in the talk about flash/off camera flash.  The industry is shifting. Although it seems as if I’ve been a professional photographer forever ( 18 yrs ), it is really a short time in the grand scheme of things. My career began before social media, and at the height of my career was when social media began. Because of that, I am hyper aware of industry shifts. I can easily see them happening.

The usage of flash amongst photographers of all genres…new photographers…or seasoned photographers is spiking. This means the people we take pictures of will notice the difference. They will eventually want something they can’t create on their own.

Stay ahead of the curve!

Welcome to The Balancing Act! This is where I teach you how to effectively balance natural light and flash to create the most natural looking images while controlling your final outcome. What does that mean? It means that with the use of just ONE flash, you can create whatever look you want and the final image will appear as if you found great, and/or dramatic natural light. This tutorial will consist of BTS VIDEO and stills of the images shared where the technique is discussed.

This tutorial will consist of 3 videos all about technique. Although you will see the straight out of the camera images, there will also be a video dedicated to the post processing ( from beginning to end ) of all the images created.

This is the ULTIMATE control. This is also a skill set that will set you apart. This tutorial is also perfect for ANYONE new to flash!

Do not let other photographers convince you that mediocrity within photography is acceptable.  Do not let them convince you that being a great photographer doesn’t matter. Photography is visual. Those who pay for photography are visual….that is why they pay for it.

This tutorial is a pre-sale for those who follow me. It is a course based off of my platform demo at Imaging USA on January 19, 2020.

After the pre-sale is over, the price will change dramatically. Grab it NOW.

This video will release on 2/10/2020.

After purchase, the video will automatically appear on your AW Teaches account on the release date.