Silent Edits



::::This set of videos will be included in the VP BOX::::

Are you proficient at Photoshop? Do you want to just see what I do, and you do not need to hear what I say? Or are you someone who can pick up on things fairly quickly and you do not need to hear the commentary involved?

Then this set IS FOR YOU! This is a set of 4 separate edits that I call “silent edits”. This means  you do not hear my explanation, but you see EVERYTHING that I do from start to finish! There are two images in this set that are COMPLETE fixes! Meaning, I am bringing back two very OVEREXPOSED images, and creating a gorgeous final product with lovely skin tones.

When you purchase this set, it will be yours for a lifetime.


Log onto www.awteaches.com with the login credentials you created when you made your purchase.
Step 1 – Click on memberships…
Step 2 – Click on the video you want to watch
Step 3 – Click view….
Step 4 – Click “content”
Once you click content you will click view again…and then you will see your video(s).