Sharp Shooting Masterclass



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Run Time – 1hr

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Are you a photographer that simply doesn’t have the time to participate in an online workshop that deals with assignments? Are you confident in your output, but you need to have a few tools to capture sharp images?

Purchase this video where I discuss my sharpshooting technique from start to finish which will help you achieve sharp images straight out of the camera.

I will discuss…

– close-ups…capturing sharp eyes.

– Group images captured at wide apertures with no movement.

– Capturing group images at wide apertures WITH movement.

– lens choices and final result expectations. ( it’s not all about the aperture!)

– full body sharp images captured at very wide apertures.

With each topic, I will discuss in depth MY personal approach and technique for sharpness.

This video is mostly about TECHNIQUE, and although editing is discussed and shown, it ( the editing) is NOT the purpose of this video. This video is NOT about saving blurry images. It is about capturing sharp images IN CAMERA.


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Reviews from past sharp webinars…

Thank you so much for the Webinar, it was so informative and gave me a bit of creative boost. I was feeling as if I were in a “rut”, with images lately not being as sharp as I’d like. Did a shoot on Friday and nailed it..” – Grainne Thorpe

“oh my gosh, so helpful! I enjoyed your “eyes” webinar too.” – Joan Sutton

“Thank you for you webinar Sharp! I’m really looking forward to try things out! 🙂 ” – Renate Brakman

“I can’t thank you enough for your sharp webinar. You took my shooting technique to a totally different level! I just don’t have words to express how grateful I am! THANK YOU” Joanna Galant

“I found your Sharp Webinar very helpful!!” Debi Wetzel

– I will show you how I enhance sharpness through post processing. These techniques are Photoshop specific.

*Due to the nature of this product this webinar is non-refundable. By purchasing this product, you agree to this policy.*

You will be able to WATCH and HEAR me instruct and go through the keynote. When we begin the sharp editing portion, you will hear me go over that aspect.

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