Putty Masterclass & Modern Simplicity Bundle



Run time – 50 min

( This video IS included in the VP Box )

The Putty Masterclass is NOT your typical posing video. If you are looking for the typical posing manual with 50 different poses, then this is NOT the video for you. There are several books, blogs, or write-ups with 100 baseless poses that you can choose from.

Putty is about how to mold and sculpt facial expression and body language. Learning how to CREATE connection is the key to creating impactful imagery. If your images do not connect to the viewers in some way, they will fall flat.

Putty will help you learn how to pull what YOU want out of your subjects. Learning how to do that is the key to honing your style as a photographer. Your style is directly connected to how you relate to your subjects. Once this is mastered, everything will flow. You will never find yourself stumped at a photo session wondering what to do!

In Putty, we will touch on Tweens, children, and families. We will NOT discuss extended families (i.e. family reunions ). Instead, we will focus on the immediate family.

Along with the Putty Masterclass is the Modern Simplicity editing video. This video was created to accompany the Putty Masterclass. In the Modern Simplicity video, you will see how I create the expression/look I want in post because I failed to capture it at the time of the session!

If you purchase this bundle, it will come with LIFETIME Access.