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Workshop price: $700

Deposit : $150 ( non-refundable )

September 25, 2021

March 1, 2021 UPDATE: This workshop will take place under the Covid-19 guidelines put in place for Portland, OR. Our group will be small, and can easily operate under the guidelines and with proper permits.

Join Audrey in PORTLAND for an intimate FULL 1-day, IN PERSON, hands on workshop where we will break down and fine tune light with NO guessing. After the workshop, you will have a clear idea on how you will use light (regardless of the source) according to your desires. You will come from the workshop feeling empowered, and inspired with all aspect of light that will allow you to CREATE the images that you desire!

There are a lot of photographers within the industry these days and the only thing that can make you stand out is LIGHT. Without light, you will have no image. I have always been a lover and chaser of light. Light always changes, and will continue to bring photographers new surprises with every shoot. Learning how to SEE, manipulate, shape, and control light is the ultimate goal!  The game is CHANGING for 2021! The average person is able to create ok looking natural light images. If you want to stand out, you must invest in your craft and step your game up!

We will dive into advanced natural lighting ( no flashes or reflectors) and how I combine natural light and created light to achieve a different, yet non-flashy look. As well as how to simulate different natural light looks ( regardless of the time of day ) utilizing just one light.

The photographer that attends this workshop will achieve a more unique understand about advanced natural light. They will learn how to utilize created light ( with flash/strobes) in everyday, simplistic ways that you can do on your own and not be afraid.

About 2 weeks after the workshop you will be sent access to a video where Audrey will chronologically go over the day with images and behind the scenes video that was captured at your particular workshop. She will go back over the lighting techniques and thought processes she used to capture the images and how she edits them. We will go over editing techniques based on the light you chose to capture via a full editing video that is yours to keep for a lifetime! You will not have to worry about taking notes!

This workshop will be intimate and capped at 10 photographers.

You do not need to own your own lighting equipment to participate in the workshop. Audrey will supply the lighting equipment. Just bring your camera and favorite lenses.

Images that you captured at the workshop can be used in your image portfolio or social media.

The workshop is catered towards professional photographers, and serious hobbyists. It doesn’t matter how advanced one is, nor how inexperienced one may be. Audrey’s techniques are completely unconventional, and every single person in attendance will learn more than they think that they will.

There will NOT be a waitlist. First come…first serve.

Your workshop seat is non-refundable. If you are not able to attend after you have secured your seat, then you are able to sell your seat.

$150 will hold your seat, the remainder will be invoiced 30 days before your workshop date.