Light Exposed Boston Edits




This video is the SUCCESSION of the Boston Light Exposed Workshop.

What is the Succession series? After each Light Exposed Workshop, I provide the attendees a recap video of the day that includes the images that were captured. Throughout the entire day, we move around in various areas searching and utilizing light for various reasons. Because the day is long, I do not want attendees to feel that they need to walk around with a notepad.

I decided to offer these videos for sale to the public after many photographers inquired.

Because the Light Exposed workshop is about all aspects of light. I talk about natural light and created light. I am photographing in full sun, as well as the blue hour. It is a recap of light from 11am – 8pm.

Experience has shown me that I tend to choose areas to photograph in that most people do not. The end result tends to confuse a viewer because it is usually an area they would simply walk past.

In this particular series there is a dedicated video regarding how I location scout where I will photograph in the city. I do not ask for any assistance from anyone for this process because my conditions are VERY specific when photographing in the city. No one can really help me with that process. So there is a video that will show you EXACTLY how I do it, and what I look for when visiting a city that I have never I’ve never been.

The Succession series will recap each city I am in for the Light Exposed Workshop. It will contain behind the scenes video of the area we were photographing in. It will contain my commentary regarding WHY we chose that location and what we were looking for. It will also contain edits from each of those locations from start to finish.

Each city from the Success series will have a total of 3-5 edits ( or more ). Because each city I visit is different, there could be more than 5 edits.

Will this video replace the need to take an in person workshop? The answer to that is NO. The reason is that, the Light Exposed Workshop is intimate and tailored towards the individual. Working with how you personally approach a photo session and why is something that can’t thoroughly be taught without 1:1 instruction.

If you are a photographer who can’t attend an in person workshop, and you want to glean some tidbits regarding light and editing then this is a great series to invest in.

This is also a great investment for the photographer who may be local to one of the cities I am in.

The Boston Succession series tutorial consists of SIX videos.

The software used will be Adobe Camera RAW ( which contains all the tools used in Lightroom. ) and Adobe Photoshop CC.

Upon purchase, these videos will be granted LIFE TIME access.

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