Editorially Speaking





Editorially Speaking is a course that is designed to get the creative juices flowing for any portrait photographer. In the AW Teaches FB Group, we were discussing the effects that Instagram has had on portrait photography. As a commercial photographer for big brands, I have seen some of the misconception that has surrounded what Editorial photography really is. The word “Editorial” has also been thrown around as a buzz word as well. This course will not only break it all down, but it will show you some of the key ways you can incorporate editorial traits into your own work, regardless of the genre you photograph.

Although there is a such thing as fashion editorials, actual editorial photography has very little to do with styling. One could take a very stylized image and it would not be editorial. A true editorial look has to do with the following…

– Light
– Posing
– Composition
– Editing

In the Editorially Speaking course, I will also show you editorial posing via video. There is definitely a difference between editorial posing, and portrait posing. There will also be a multiple image edit showing exactly how to edit for light and composition to capture that editorial look.

If you feel some of your work has you feeling less inspired than you want to be, then this course is DEFINITELY for you. Shooting editorially is definitely a shift of the mind, and I will show you EXACTLY how it is done. You will have all of pieces to seamless apply some or all of the techniques I share into your own work.

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