City Light Series 3



Join me as I take you on a 3-part process on how I conduct my City Light Photo Sessions. The City Light Photo Session series is when I take viewers through my thought process from beginning to the end regarding how I am able to have a very cohesive city light shoot that my clients are absolutely loving! I will be showing the same subject that you’re able to see a how a cohesive session looks from the beginning until the end. In this video, I will briefly touch on a family, and show some fun footage of a 5yo I photographed during the blue hour.

You do not need to live in a big city in order to utilize this look, nor do you need to photograph just tweens, or teens! In this video, I will go over Phase THREE. This video is when I go over the BLUE HOUR! This is the phase that most want to master. This is the phase that brings in new clients for me because they want this look.

I am not utilizing any off-camera flash nor am I using a reflector.

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Runtime – 1hr

Adobe Camera RAW & Photoshop CC are used