Beauty In The Shadows



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Horrible shadows and blown out highlights shouldn’t ruin an image that you love! On the Audrey Woulard Teaches board on Facebook, I showed an image that was captured in horrible light! The color balance was completely off due to shooting under near a tungsten light, but the highlights were very hot and bright, and the shadows were dark and stark. On the board, I asked photographers if they would “keep or delete”. The post was very very long, but it was such a good lesson! Everyone loved reading all the different answers that everyone gave. The consensus from the group was to delete!

Later, I told them I would edit the image. Many were surprised with the end result ( which is the thumbnail for this video) because I feel they didn’t know what to expect!

In this tutorial, I will show you how I created the image that was posted on the board from start to finish. When you purchase this video, you will also receive a 2nd bonus video where I edit an image captured under the same conditions, however,

    I will give you the RAW version of MY image so that you can edit alongside me!

There is also an action that you can download that I created to simplify a step that I talk about in the video.

Software used | Photoshop CC and Adobe Camera RAW

Photoshop knowledge needed to follow along | Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

RuntimeVideo 1 – 1h  Video 2 – 40 min

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