1 on 1 Photoshop Training




Are you someone who knows absolutely NOTHING about Photoshop?

Are you someone who knows a little bit, but Photoshop gives you anxiety? So you stick to Lightroom?

Are you someone who knows Photoshop but you feel it takes you too long to edit?

Are you someone who knows Photoshop, but you have no idea how to cultivate your own style.

Let me help you by offering a 1:1 training session. After purchase, I will send an email to the sign up email address ( if you have a different email, contact me ASAP! ) with a questionnaire about what you want to cover. We can edit your images, my images or a combo of both. I will work BEFORE your session to understand what your vision is and why. Then we wills up our time together.

The course is a 90 minute 1:1 personal session with just you and I. It will take place via zoom. You will see me AND my screen in real time. You can ask me whatever you need to ask. Sometimes the sessions move into the photography aspect, and I will not shy away from that, and say you can’t ask those questions. I am, will always be an open book.

Because we will work out what you want to learn BEFORE your scheduled session, we will make the best use of our 90 minutes!

At the end of our session, I guarantee you will know how to use Photoshop as a portrait photographer. It is seriously time you all up your game.  Editing your images does NOT mean you are sitting behind the computer for hours. I can teach how to make that your reality! Because it is mine!

The session will be recorded. It will never be sold, but rather sent to you for your own lifetime reference!

This is a VERY VERY limited offer!!!!!