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::VP BOX users…each of these videos will be made available to you as bonus content::

This video is an excellent way to open your eyes to possibilities within the creative editing process. As creatives, we are often overwhelmed with “where to begin” to create an impact with our editing without creating an image that appears to look overprocessed. In the “One Image Two Ways,” I will show you the possibilities that are available to you by editing the images in two various ways.

Every calendar month for the next 12 months you will receive a NEW video where I edit two different images, two different ways.

Once you make your purchase, your first video will be made available to you to watch at your leisure. If you are new to Photoshop or you’re a Lightroom user, you will ALSO receive a BONUS video with your initial purchase where I break down Photoshop from the perspective of a photographer. I will show you every single tool you would ever use as a photographer…and how to use it from a perspective that you can understand it!

There is one more thing….

There will be a Facebook group where you can upload your images, and I can personally walk you through creating the look YOU want with YOUR pictures by setting up a personalized editing video for you, or if you’re shy, I can send that info to you via email. EVERYONE wants to have a style that is their own. The “One Image Two Ways” workshop is the perfect option for that. I encourage an environment where everyone can have THEIR look and its ok.

My motto is this…

I do not want to make you me, but rather a better version of yourself! So you can watch and learn my techniques, but we can go over step by step on how to apply that look to YOUR work.


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